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Filming must take place between April 1st and April 21st, 2024.


Each film must contain a:

1. Required horror sub-genre

2. Required Scenario

3. Required prop

Each will be provided for you at the time of the kickoff. 


The film should be at least 4 minutes minimum but no more than a maximum of 8 minutes long. This is including your required title card and credits.


You know this is a horror film. Scout your location ahead of time, pick your actors, and get your crew all set so all you have to do is write your script once your genre is drawn.


Prior to the film you need to have two seconds of black and five second a title card that includes:

1. Team Name: 

2. Genre:

3. Title:

4. Date: (April 1st - April 21st 2024)

Afterwards, show the 11 second 21 Days of Horror intro splash screen. This will be available to download at kickoff weekend.


Do not post your film publicly before the official screening. Do not share your film privately before the official screening such as a private link on social media. This is grounds for disqualification.


We expect you to act professional during the competition. We will not stand for any unsportsmanlike conduct. This will be grounds for disqualification. If you are disqualified there is no refund. 


Please label your credits so that the judges can easily nominate someone. if they want to nominate Joe Smith for best actor, please put the character name behind it so they know who Joe Smith is playing. 

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